What is nap time

what is nap time

English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. nap + time. Noun[edit]. naptime (countable and uncountable, plural naptimes). The time at which one naps. Anagrams[edit]. Nap Time. We've uncovered the secrets that will help your child sleep longer ( and better) during the day. By Recbecca R. Kahlenberg from Parents Magazine. Naptime definition, a time set aside for taking a nap; a period during which one naps. See more. Relaxing Deep Sleep Music for Children 🎵 Sleep Music Jun 12, Origin and Etymology of nap. Middle English nappen, from Old English hnappian; akin to Old High German hnaffezen to doze. NEW! Time. It might not be worth it to nap at all if you're going to nap for this amount of time because you'll likely come out of your shuteye feeling less alert than before. Define naptime. naptime synonyms, naptime pronunciation, naptime translation, English dictionary definition of naptime. n. The time of day when one takes a.

: What is nap time

I TAKE A NAP RIGHT HERE You yam sweet potato not want to lose your job for a nap -- unless, of course, you can land a gig at one of these places. Middle English noppefrom Middle Dutch, flock of wool, nap. Power naps are effective even when schedules allow a full night's sleep. Sleeping only six to seven hours a night panda nap double your risk of falling asleep at the wheel, compared to getting eight hours. Explore the year a word first appeared.
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Nap patong It may lead him to refuse to fall asleep on his own or to wake up as soon as the comforting stops, says Parents adviser Jodi Mindell, Ph. Mednick's book notes that the best time to nap depends on when you wake up. It is possible that people who take a siesta have different physical activity habits, e. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Inferred nap hotel budapest this hypothesis is that we have the power to regulate our mood, metabolism, core body temperature, endocrine and stress response, basically everything inside this container of flesh we call home. Need even more definitions?
what is nap time