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desk nap

Sep 25, The invention of the nap desk is bringing a whole new level to feeling like you live at work. Greek Design firm Studio NL has created a. Regardless what time it is or how much sleep you got the night before there are just certain days when you feel too tired to go on. Perhaps your computer screen . Sep 23, There's a scientifically strong case for napping at work: Not only do midday naps increase alertness, lower stress and elevate your mood, but.

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How to Take a Nap at Work Jan 6, 6 inventions designed to help you take naps in the workplace. This wearable ' chill pod' is optimal for taking a nap at your desk. Have you ever felt like a short nap was all you needed to make your workday bearable? Greek design company Studio NL has just the ticket – a "nap desk" that. Recharge your batteries by taking an afternoon siesta inside this brilliant nap desk. The moment you begin to feel sluggish while on the job, simply lay out. desk nap

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Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! The Nap Pod The most brazen napping device on the market.